Warehouse Equipment: The Rotator

the rotator warehouse equiptment

Why The Rotator is the Warehouse Equipment You Have Been Missing

No matter what industry you are in, you are probably always looking for ways to make your job just a little bit easier. You may already have some high quality warehouse equipment to help, but unless you have The Rotator, things may be harder than they have to be.

What is The Rotator?

The Rotator is a new material handling system that was created to make the process of emptying and filling boxes much more manageable. Additionally, The Rotator can turn over a variety of different warehouse equipment items, such as reels or tools. To meet the needs of everyone from the component industry to the food industry, The Rotator is available in three different models—and just like all of our material handling systems, each one was made with safety in mind.

  • Adjustable – This is the most popular Rotator model, and with good reason. This one piece of warehouse equipment can handle crates and boxes ranging from a width of 31.5” to 47”. It is effortlessly adjusted with a handle and it is the only rotator you will need.
  • Non-adjustable – If your company only works with one size of boxes or crates, you can save some money by opting for the non-adjustable Rotator.
  • Multi-purpose – When your company deals with more than just boxes, the multi-purpose Rotator is the warehouse equipment for you. It can lift and rotate a variety of items, such as tools, and it can be customized just for you.

Benefits of The Rotator:

Surely you are already envisioning how much smoother your operations will be with this new piece of warehouse equipment, but just to paint an even clearer picture, here are some of our favorite benefits of using The Rotator as one of your material handling systems:

  • Heavy Duty – Whether you opt for the adjustable or non-adjustable Rotator, you can reliably lift loads that weigh up to 2200 pounds.
  • Economical – The controller has no moving parts, which means less maintenance and lower costs in the future.
  • Thorough – When you want to empty a box, you don’t want it to stop turning before the job is done. With The Rotator, this is never a concern. It rotates a complete 180 degrees (as long as it has clamps and side support plates) to ensure there is nothing remaining in the box.
  • Back Saving – If you have ever tried to reach items out of an upright box, you know how difficult it can be. With this piece of warehouse equipment in your inventory, this never has to happen again. You can adjust the tilt to the ideal angle for your workers to retrieve the contents without any straining or stretching.
  • Easy – With the included cable remote control (wireless available as an option), it is effortless for you to adjust both the height and angle of The Rotator.

As you can see, The Rotator is an amazing material handling system that your warehouse can’t live without. Contact us today to find out how to make one yours.