Expert Tips on Integrating Warehouse Automation Systems

Can you work smarter without working harder? It’s possible if you take the necessary measures to automate your operations process.

Whether your business is growing quickly or you just want to prepare for future growth, automation can help you work smarter, more efficiently, and more effectively. But there’s a big difference between those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. The good news is that one of the key environments primed for automation is the warehouse environment. There are various measures that you can enact today that will bring about a more streamlined operation. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at automated warehouse technology, specifically regarding automated material handling.

Types of Automated Material Handling Technologies

You want to get started on automating your business processes, but where should you start? The following three technologies are the best ways to level up your warehouse.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems enable you to quickly and safely move items from one part of the warehouse to the other with minimal manual effort. From small parts to oversized items, simply place your widgets onto a conveyor and let the machine do all the work. This system is a fairly basic type of material handling automation that you can integrate into your environment. There are various conveyors to choose from, including belt incline conveyors, roller conveyors, and even overhead conveyors. Pick the one that best suits your warehouse to maximize the benefits.

Pallet Lifting Devices

Pallets tend to be one of the most prominent challenges in the warehouse environment. Whether transporting them from various locations in the warehouse or lifting them into place to store, moving these platforms can be a lot of work. That’s where a pallet lifting device can come in handy. Rather than relying on several workers to lift pallets into place, special pallet lifting devices can do it in a streamlined, efficient fashion. Some pallet lifters can even support weights of up to 10 tons.


At this point, the widespread use of robots in warehouses seems inevitable. Robots are ideal for integrating into packaging lines or even with conveyor belts. They can pick up and move parts, and they don’t get tired or fazed on the job. As soon as they’re programmed, they are focused on their tasks and only their tasks until you reprogram them. Robots can help streamline automation and efficiency while reducing labor costs.

How to Transition to Automated Warehouse Equipment

So how do you transition to a more automated warehouse environment? Remember that it’s often not one equipment integration that will make a big difference, but several implemented over time. Here’s a look at some tips on how to integrate automation:

  • Assess your current operations and identify technologies that can help improve efficiency and safety. Create a list and make a long-term plan of when it might be feasible to acquire these technologies. It’s usually smartest to base potential acquisitions on revenue to ensure you’re responsibly adopting automated technologies.
  • Determine if any existing technologies can be optimized before acquiring new equipment.
  • Ensure that your staff and warehouse workers are on board with your plans and supportive of any automation. Communicate the benefits of automation, such as increased safety, productivity, and profits.
  • Learn and adapt. After you implement automated technologies, don’t just integrate and be done with it. Continue to identify ways you can improve over time.

A-Lined Handling Systems Can Help You Automate

A-Lined Handling Systems are leaders in helping businesses automate their warehouses.

We’ll study your warehouse and make suggestions on how you can best automate your business. Our goal is to maximize your efficiency, whether it be by boosting employee productivity, in-house oversight, or providing you with the best technology on the market.

If you want to learn more about warehouse automation, contact A-Lined Handling Systems today!