Pharmaceutical-Grade Stainless Steel Manufacturing Equipment

“Stainless Steel Manufacturing Equipment for The Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical-Grade Stainless Steel Manufacturing Equipment

Food and Drug Administration regulations governing the pharmaceutical industry encompass everything from labeling and laboratory protocols to manufacturing equipment such as strap-and-chain hoists and manual/motorized end trucks. Pharmaceutical companies must have pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel manufacturing equipment that passes the FDA’s rigorous standards. If not, companies could be subject to FDA noncompliance warning letters and possible disruption of normal operations.

A-Lined Handling Systems provides pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel manufacturing equipment and handling products, constructed from 100 percent external stainless steel components that pass all FDA regulations. Since painted surfaces and FDA-approved epoxies are not acceptable in most “clean room” environments, our equipment consistently provides companies with the highest quality, paint-free, pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel manufacturing equipment, which easily passes FDA best practices and inspection standards.

Our pharmaceutical grade handling products meet or exceed ASME PALD Standards, which demand that they be designed and built to 150 percent of rated capacity. Additionally, some of our full power and manual devices reduce the risk of serious injury by giving users the ability to easily maneuver through narrow warehouse aisles and standardized entranceways.

Why Stainless Steel?

  • Corrosion-resistant in chlorine, alkaline and acid-bearing environments
  • Heat- and fire-resistant
  • Retains strength and resists scaling at extremely high temperatures
  • Exhibits exceptional hygienic properties by facilitating cleaning
  • Cost-effective, with excellent strength-to-weight leverage
  • Impact-resistant

Lab-Lift™ Strap Hoist

A-Lined Handling Systems is proud to announce the Lab-Lift™ Strap Hoist by David Round, designed especially for the controlled environments of various pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Urethane-coated and lubrication-free, this state-of-the-art strap hoist completely removes the risk of contamination commonly identified with wire or chain-rope hoists. With the Lab-Lift™ Strap Hoist, manufacturers do not have to worry about particulate contamination caused by metal-on-metal abrasion. In addition, the wiper seals all stainless steel components contained in the strap hoist device from the clean room’s environment. Additional this pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel manufacturing equipment features include sealed gearing with food-grade lubrication, housing-enclosed controls and receiver, and wireless remote control.

Stainless Steel Lift Table

Designed to meet or exceed the convoluted requirements established by the FDA for all pharmaceutical companies, David Round’s stainless steel lift table offers the advantages of protected hydraulics and a remarkably polished surface finish that simplifies and expedites wash-downs. Manufacturers benefit from maximum implementation of ergonomic principles as well as a 2000-pound capacity, a raised height of 42 inches, and a lowered height of 18 inches.

Additional Pharmaceutical-Grade, Stainless Steel Manufacturing Equipment Available:

  • Manual chain hoists (up to 2 metric tons)
  • Wire Rope Hoists
  • Strap and Chain Hoists
  • Explosion Proof Hoists
  • Trolleys
  • Free Standing Jib Cranes
  • End Trucks
  • Wall-Mounted Cranes
  • Custom Floor Cranes

For more information about some of our leading-edge, FDA-compliant pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel manufacturing equipment contact us for purchasing or an estimate.