Reasons to Add Surface Mount Dock Lifts

surface mount dock lifts

3 Reasons You Need to Add Surface Mount Dock Lifts to Your Warehouse Equipment Inventory

You’ve been thinking about getting a few surface mount dock lifts to add to your warehouse equipment, and you just can’t decide if you really need them or not. We understand, you already have material handling systems in place and you aren’t sure if they can provide that much of a benefit. Well, we are here to tell you that you really do need them, and yes, we can prove it. Here are the top three reasons why dock lifts are a no-brainer when it comes to warehouse equipment must-haves.

Make More Money

Take a minute to think about your current material handling system. Does it include your workers carrying cargo up and down ramps one load at a time? Does it require several workers to move anything heavy? If so, you know you could be more efficient.

With our surface mount dock lifts, any two or four-wheel cart can be used to move items both off and onto trucks of all sizes. Not only that, but one person can complete the job because no heavy lifting is required. This means less time is spent loading and unloading, which means more work gets done in less time, resulting in lower labor costs and more money in your pocket. And this doesn’t even include the money you will save from not having to dig a pit to place a traditional lift in.

Stay Safe

While making money may be your main goal, keeping your workers safe is your main priority. We agree, which is why our surface mount dock lifts include extra features engineered with safety in mind. First of all, it’s important to remind you that if your workers don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting, you won’t have to worry about back sprains, pulled muscles, or herniated disks. On top of that, our dock lifts include diamond-treaded surfaces and handrails to make sure your workers don’t slip while moving the cargo.

Be Spontaneous

The job might not be permanent, so why would you bother with a permanent lifting structure? Since our surface mount dock lifts require nothing but a concrete surface to function, you can use them anywhere and move them wherever you see fit. This makes them ideal if you are leasing your current location, or you just want to be able to have flexibility with the jobs you accept.

Clearly, surface mount dock lifts are an excellent investment and will make a worthy addition to your warehouse equipment. That is, as long as you enjoy making money, keeping your workers safe, and being flexible. We know we do.

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